Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, BA, M.OMSc.
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Women’s Studies
Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

Certified member of the OOA

About Kathleen

I found Osteopathy nearly twenty years ago after a severe car accident left me with a broken femur and coinciding chronic pain. After seeking treatment from many other modalities, Osteopathy was the only one that relieved the ongoing pain I felt due to that accident. Being a helper by nature and knowing firsthand the healing power of manual therapy, I realized then that I wanted to pursue a career in Osteopathy. I attended the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy – one of the only schools in the world that still teaches Classical Osteopathy – and through this educational process, I realized that Osteopathy was my calling. It marries two of what I believe to be my strongest assets: being a helper and an innate problem-solver. With the knowledge and skills through my education, hands-on work experience, and strong drive to find solutions, I strive to assist patients in their healing. I understand the importance of good nutrition to assist in healing through a holistic process, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge of human nutrition to assist my patients in a holistic healing process. I believe in providing patients with tools and education they can use to improve their wellness in between treatments, encouraging them to take their health into their own hands.

What people are saying about Kathleen...

Kathleen changed my life. I struggled with some pretty solid neck pain for years following a car accident. I had tried chiro and physio for quite some time and nothing seemed to help. I saw Kathleen for Osteopathy, and between her treatment and her recommendations to strengthen certain muscles, I finally have zero pain.  All the tension in my neck muscles (they literally felt like hard mini golf balls!) is just not there anymore. I sent my husband to her as well because he was struggling with shooting knife-life pains in his elbows. After the 1st treatment, it was significantly better. After the 3, it was completely done. My husband “doesn’t believe in” chiros, physios, etc. but he is a firm believer and even ADVOCATE for Kathleen, which says a lot.  We see her regular maintenance now just to keep in good shape because our bodies are always shifting and moving no matter what we do.  Thanks Kathleen, you are a magician!

– Melany G. Business Owner

Age doesn't mean you need to be in pain. I am currently 37 and feel fantastic, but this wasn't the case a few years ago. I couldn't even run a couple of bases without my knees not working right the entire week leading up to my next game. I learned about Osteopathy from my Naturopath. Both of these professions do not get the credit and attention they deserve, but I feel this is all going to change. What I learned about osteopathy is that it really is an all-encompassing treatment style that is gentle and precise. After trying all the more 'popular' options (Chiro, Physio, Massage) to help me with my issues, Kathleen was able to pinpoint the problem and resolve it within just a few sessions. I highly recommend trying the road less typically travelled and trying Osteopathy!

Lenny, Ottawa

I've been to many different practitioners. Kathleen, at Aktiv Ottawa, is hands down by far the best and most helpful I've ever seen. She has tremendous knowledge of the body, how to treat it, and what to do to fix any ailments. She also has an incredibly accurate intuitive sense of what to do to alleviate pain and discomfort. She's been able to hone in on issues that no other practitioner has picked-up on -- and easily fix them. Since seeing Kathleen, I've never felt better. If you're experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort, I highly recommend you make an appointment with Kathleen!

Deb O., Ottawa

I have suffered from chronic muscle tightness and discomfort for years, only to have it get worse and spread to various joints over the past couple. I have tight back, lower back, hips, hamstrings and even ankles going tight on me, which causes pain as well as mobility issues and negative impact for my workouts. I spent thousands of dollars on Chiro's, RMTs, Physios and personal trainers which only provided short relief. Then I met Kathleen. In a 35 minute session, with only gentle manipulations, she gave me absolute mobility that lasts for weeks. With weekly appointments, my body feels twenty years younger! 180-degree change for me with the absolute quality of life improvement! To say she's an amazing Osteopathic Practitioner who has been transformative for me - that's an understatement!

Ash, Toronto/Kingston


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